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Our students enjoy all of the traditional curriculum and benefits of a preschool classroom, while located in nature. Each day children start their day playing at the playground followed by a nature hike (exploring birds, plants, and new sightings).


After morning snack time our preschool group dives into hands-on projects, art, science, role play, music class, math games, writing, play-dough, cutting, and storytelling to name a few of the types of activities.


Children bring their food from home and enjoy lunch in the middle of the day followed by recess, and restful activities such as books, audio stories, legos and magna-tiles. An enriching circle time which includes exposure to Spanish, letters, phonics, writing, sight words, numbers, and pre-math skills, music, and social studies.


Each afternoon children try new sports and outdoor activities such as gardening, kite flying, tee-ball, tennis, basketball, soccer, trips to the beach, and dance!

Students also enjoy sight-seeing around beautiful San Francisco with bi-weekly bus fieldtrip adventures!

Once students are 5 years old we put on an amazing graduation ceremony for families and students to mark the special occasion! TK students are also welcome!


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