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Cooking Classes

At Nature Kidz, we find opportunities to get our students hands-on and cooking / baking from time to time on special occasions. Cooking class helps our preschoolers learn by doing! Children build their fine motor skills holding their utensils, cutting, peeling, snapping, shredding, and squeezing. We use our sense of taste and smell, sniffing and trying our fresh ingredients and build our language skills as we give our kitchen tools names and describe what we feel, taste, and smell. Beyond the fun of creating and tasting, students are also building their confidence, their problem solving skills, and working on cooperation with their peers while preparing their dishes! 


We hope to get children excited to cook at home with parents, creating special bonding moments as families get the opportunity to cook together. Students are excited to show what they have learned about food, cooking, and nutrition ("growing foods"). 

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