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Mountain Lake Playground 
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 275-1339

About Us

Nature Kidz Preschool is an outdoors-only program. With nature as our classroom, we build our student's focus, curiosity, and intuition as we encounter The Presidio's natural wildlife (bugs, animals, and plant species). Students investigate new findings daily!

We spend our time outside participating in hands-on structured and unstructured activities. Students will do everything they would in a traditional preschool and more, only outside rather than inside. While exploring their natural surroundings, students develop their self confidence and manage risk as they stumble, climb, and explore the uneven terrain.

Each week we dive into a new specialized activity such as kite flying, riding bikes and scooters, gardening, hands on science and discovery, journaling, yoga, music, and exposure to soccer, basketball, tee-ball, tennis, kickball, and more! 

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Preschoolers 3-5 years old and potty trained
Outdoors-based program
(museums/libraries on rainy days)
Builds resilience, independence, & confidence 
Hands-on learning to prepare for Kindergarten

Nature as our classroom

We love nature as our classroom! The varied weather and outdoor happenings builds adaptability and resilience in our students and our days are always fun. With no indoor classrooms, we make sure to prepare activities and our students to enjoy all of San Francisco's seasons. During light drizzle days we splash in puddles with our rain boots, rain pants, warm layers, rain coats, and use our school canopy and covered park areas as needed. If the weather is rainy our group takes a field trip to the library or Academy of Sciences for the day! 

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